Decca, 2015

"For his second recording, the young pianist Michail Lifits has devoted himself to the two great piano sonatas D. 894 und D. 845 von Franz Schubert. Lifits's masterly sensual and versatile playing never imposes, but rather leads one seductively on an inner voyage.


Here Schubert’s music is experienced with a phenomenal and passionate intensity which is never simply expressed, it truly moves. With his superior sense for form and for Schubert’s long phrasing, Michail Lifits leads us majestically and yet sensitively through an ocean of timbres and the most delicate of nuances.


Lifits is a conjurer of sounds, who does not shy from fathoming the music’s extremes, nor from taking the instrument to its extremes to accomplish this."


July 7, 2016

"... Und so groß Michail Lifits' Respekt vor Schubert auch sein mag, an den Tasten seines Steinways kommt er ihm ganz nahe, scheint mit ihm in einem intimen Dialog zu versinken und lässt uns doch daran teilhaben . Wunderbar differenziert sein Klang, gerade zu ergreifend sein Wissen um die Tiefe dieser Musik...."

November 1, 2015

"…Lifits performs Schubert in a way which could be described through and through as introverted and brooding. Its tension obtains this perspective from, among other things, the great richness of timbres. A second aspect is an artistic orientation which seems to grow out of the inspiration of the moment. The impression of spontaneity and improvisation is underscored by a very free, strongly agogic tempo, which is however so tastefully done that it removes all doubt. The aforementioned timbres range from a most delicate yet solid pianissimo to a powerful fortissimo which never bellows.

In the extensive discography of these works, Michail Lifits creates his own unique place. Here is a young pianist at work, who is obviously not concerned with big gestures, glamour, or media efficacy. His recordings are concise, and yet every one of them is full of depth, which makes this performer also a much sought-after chamber music Partner for musicians of his generation. One may confidently expect gre...

"...Er verlässt sich ganz auf seine Intuition, auf die gefühlte Bewegung, den Pulsschlag der Sonate. Er spürt der intuitiven Welt, insbesondere der melancholischen Stimmung der G-Dur Sonate nach - schwankend zwischen langen Legati, dynamischen Extremen, Tempowecheln, kaum Rubati und der alles dominierenden Langsamkeit des Stücks.... Auch in der a-moll Sonate überzeigen die zahllosen farblichen Varianten und die transparente Behandlung des Pedals - damit erzeugt der Pianist einen organischen Klang und eine emotionale Spannweite, die bemerkenswert ist.... Zwei Meisterwerke der Klavierliteratur, die eine ganz eigene, schlüssige und klangschöne Deutung erfahren. Unbedingt höhrenswert.

September 1, 2015

"Zarte, am Rande der Unhörbarkeit verklingende Akkorde, feinsinnig modellierte Melodien, luzide Klänge und sanfte Triller, dann wieder ein plötzliches Aufbrechen ins Fortissimo: Schon im 20-mimütigen Kopfsatz der G-Dur- Sonate lotet Michail Lifits den ganzen Kosmos Schuberts aus. Er hört in jedem Satz – noch im vermeintlich geselligen Menuetto und auch in der a-Moll-Sonate – ein alles bestimmendes Gefühl von Trauer und Melancholie heraus."

May 1, 2015

"...The Piano Sonata No. 18 in G major, D. 894, and the Piano Sonata No. 16 in A minor, D. 845, are among Schubert's final masterpieces, and they challenge the performer to find the sustained lyrical tone at their core that unifies them and transcends the narrower strictures of Classical form. Lifits certainly shapes the sonatas with graceful phrasing, a hallmark of Classicism, but he is just as sure to connect with the internal emotions that give these works their eloquence and Romantic, songlike feeling. Of course, these long pieces require concentration and complete control to be convincing, and Lifits plays with an assured touch that allows him to extend lines and moods as long as he wishes. Considering the length of each movement -- the first movement of D. 894 alone is over 20 minutes -- having this ability to spin out melodies with connectedness is a gift, and Lifits is generous with it in these sublime performances."

April 28, 2015

"Lo scorso anno è stato proprio Michail Lifits a chiudere la serie dei concerti del Festival pianistico internazionale di Brescia e Bergamo al teatro Grande, ottenendo uno strepitoso successo personale.Qui l’artista uzbeko ci propone due capolavori del pianismo romantico a partire dalle Sonata in sol maggiore D 894 dall’esordio pensoso e pieno di poesia, una delle Sonate più intime del genio austriaco, come testimonia la sua conclusione.Il secondo cd è dedicato invece alla Sonata in la minore D 845, nella quale Lifits rende perfettamente i brillanti momenti sereni, come nell’originale Scherzo."

April 22, 2015

"...Michail Lifits pare aver trovato la sua consacrazione in una carriera di bella risonanza e, ad essa complementare, in una rosa di incisioni salutate da puntuali consensi. Dopo il diurno Mozart del precedente lavoro, ecco ora il pianista russo alle prese con le ombre, i labirinti e gli avvincenti chiaroscuri di due Sonate schubertiane: D 894 e D 895, dipanate con misura e compassato ardore, non senza momenti di avvincente intensità. "

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