"…Lifits performs Schubert in a way which could be described through and through as introverted and brooding. Its tension obtains this perspective from, among other things, the great richness of timbres. A second aspect is an artistic orientation which seems to grow out of the inspiration of the moment. The impression of spontaneity and improvisation is underscored by a very free, strongly agogic tempo, which is however so tastefully done that it removes all doubt. The aforementioned timbres range from a most delicate yet solid pianissimo to a powerful fortissimo which never bellows.

In the extensive discography of these works, Michail Lifits creates his own unique place. Here is a young pianist at work, who is obviously not concerned with big gestures, glamour, or media efficacy. His recordings are concise, and yet every one of them is full of depth, which makes this performer also a much sought-after chamber music Partner for musicians of his generation. One may confidently expect great things from this pianist…”